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* Commodity forecasts update daily; production forecasts update as each state permits.

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Royalty Forecast

  • Projected Well Production & Royalties
  • ShaleScore™
  • Daily Forecast Updates
  • Well Production to Date
  • Automatic Production Updates *
  • Years of Production Remaining
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Selling Mineral Rights

  • Get the highest price for your minerals
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  • Free Valuation Consultation in selected areas
  • No commission to sell your minerals
  • Optional engineering and appraisal services available for a fee
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* Oil and Gas production data is updated monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on your state.

How does your well stack up?

Find out with your ShaleScore.

Your well's ShaleScore is a percentile ranking that allows you to compare its cumulative production against other wells of the same age, in the same County, State, or Shaleplay. Any score above 50 means your well is better than average! One hundred is the top score.

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